5 Startups That Will Improve Customer Service in 2018

The start-up scene in Australia is booming and making innovative waves in all industries. We hunted down a few businesses that need to be on your radar if you want to up your service game and keep your customers coming back time and time again.

Check out our shortlist of the top 5 Aussie startups that will improve customer service in 2018.


Liven is an online restaurant database and rewards platform that encourages users to do what they love – eat – by discounting a percentage of their bill when they pay through the app. The more you eat, the more Liven points you can earn, the more discounts you can get on a bill!

The startup also connects its users with the opportunity to donate to charities after they’ve enjoyed a nice meal. By giving users discounts on their meal, they’re more likely to give to others and so charities are provided an entirely new way to fundraise.

Restaurants sign up as they’re attracting more customers and they’re associating their brand with the good work of charities. Liven is looking into expanding in the US and the UK by 2019.



Hey You by Beat the Q

Hey You, previously known as Beat the Q is a pre-ordering service that allows you to jump off your bus, skip the queue at your favourite cafe and get your coffee instantly. A great startup for all those coffee lovers out there.

All you do is jump on the app, find a local participating cafe or restaurant and order ahead, paying through the app. With their inbuilt rewards system, customers can still get their weekly free coffee and some vendors even give a discount for using the app.

With thousands of customers already signed up to Hey You, cafes are given access to a new and wider customer base already committed to using the service. Cafe owners already profess to success as customers aren’t deterred by longer lines and are likely to spend 30% more when purchasing through their phone.




In today’s society, every person and their dog (well maybe not dog, but we wouldn’t be surprised!) has, and relies, on a mobile phone. But when the battery gets low, or even worse, dies, chaos ensues. Plans are cancelled, communication lost, and the ability to call, check emails, transfer money or order an Uber goes kaput. 

That’s where Chargebar steps in to save the day and prevent your customers from leaving your venue! Located in thousands of out-of-home locations, the self-service kiosks provide battery power to people in locations ranging from airports to cafes and libraries to pubs.

Located in thousands of out-of-home locations, Chargebar’s innovative service has always been a simple and highly effective way to:

  • Improve customer happiness by providing an in-demand service
  • Modernise facilities
  • Increase venue dwell time and customer spend as people charge their phones
  • Promote in-venue specials and collect customer data on the charging stations touchscreen interface




NoahFace is every cafe owner’s safety-net when it comes to remembering their regulars’ names.

Through facial recognition technology, NoahFace scans the biometric data of a customer, checks the data against the online customer base and tells the barista the customer’s regular order and name.

Promising higher levels of customer service, loyalty and profitability NoahFace also has an In-Built Loyalty Program allowing you to surprise them with a reward.




Passel is the world’s first crowdsourced online delivery service. Based on the premonition that deliveries and logistics were moving towards a more casual culture, founder Marshall Hughes turned his idea into a reality.

The user signs up to Passel and if they’re out and about, they might receive a text saying “Hey Lana, Mr Jeffery lives near you and has just bought a candle from Dusk. If you deliver it on your way home, we’ll give you a $10 voucher” easy as that. You can accept or reject the delivery as it suits you!



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