7 Undeniable Reasons Why You Need A Charging Station

We keep getting asked… why should we install a charging station on our premises, or use a charging kiosk at an event?

My response: Are you serious?! But then I realised it’s my fault for not explaining it properly.

So here it is! 7 straightforward and undeniable reasons why buying or hiring a charging station will be the best thing you do in 2015.

1. Charging stations are a people magnet
Free charging will bring LOTS of people into your premises or to an area of your event (e.g. an exhibition stall).

2. Increased dwell time = increased revenue
People recharge for at least 10 mins, sometimes longer. For hospitality venues, this means more drink sales; for exhibitors, more leads; etc etc.

3. Stand out from the crowd with killer customer service
By offering free charging, you’ll exceed customers expectations and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Your customers will love you for looking out for them.

4. Build brand love with a captive audience
While charging, users are likely to promote you and tell their friends how great you are! You can also use the custom graphic to promote your social pages or promotions you’re running.

5. Great service that costs peanuts
Do the maths, it’s a no brainer. The return on investment is huge.

6. Your staff will stop being annoyed by customers asking for chargers
No explanation required here.

7. You don’t want to be a laggard
We’ve got over nationwide and did over 250 events last year. Time to join the movement!

So there you have it. Ready to act? If so, go to our website or email us at info@chargebar.com.au.

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