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Chargebar has been keeping Australia connected and charged up since its launch in 2011. Since then, we’ve grown to become Australia’s largest supplier of mobile phone charging solutions for any type of business. Based in Surry Hills in Sydney, our devoted, passionate team are dedicated to providing the best service possible, whether you’re after a Chargebar for your 10-seater café, your 80,000-seater stadium, or anything in between.

A Chargebar itself is the latest trend in customer service, keeping customers in a venue, driving sales and foot traffic, or simply providing a convenient service for those who need it. The value of a Chargebar extends far beyond that of charging a phone. Our selection of products means we have a solution for every space, from bars, to hospitals, to cafes, to airports, we’ll keep the world connected.

In 2017, Chargebar launched its first secure charging locker system, the Chargesafe. This wall-mounted unit allows customers to tap their card, and walk away, knowing their phone is securely charging. The Chargesafe is the new standard in customer service for businesses around the country, and Chargebar couldn’t be prouder to be leading the way in secure charging.

Chargebar invites you to be a part of the largest, fastest growing network of free and pay-to-use mobile phone charging solutions in Australia. Contact us now for a quote!