ACT Chief Minister congratulates Canberra Hospital For Chargebar installations

ACT Chief Minister and Minister for Health, Ms Katy Gallagher, congratulated the Canberra Hospital Foundation today on the installation of phone charging stations across several areas of Canberra Hospital.

The chargebars are located in high traffic areas such as the Oncology Ward, ICU, Emergency and the Cafe in an effort to provide ease of access for patients, family and staff of Canberra Hospital.

The Canberra Hospital Foundation initially installed one charging station in the Cafe on a trial basis. This was so successful that additional units have been purchased,” Ms Gallagher said.

When people are in hospital they want to keep in contact with family and friends and keep them informed about what is happening. This is just one way we can make it easier for them to do so,” she said.

There are now seven phone charging stations across the hospital, with the latest addition located in the Mother’s and Children’s Ward.


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