Adapt or perish

The digital era is one of continued reimagination and reimaging. There is a real push for even the oldest of institutions to reinvent their image to survive in the 21st century.

The recent renovation of Mudgee Town Hall and library in country New South Wales has reinstated the institution as an important community hub. The venue now houses modern technology and services for the region, including the installation of a chargebar to support the new digital focus of the library.

Aaron Roughley from the Hellyer College in Burnie, Tasmania, is experiencing the same demands from his students. The school encourages the use of tablets and smartphones due to the learning capabilities of the devices, but found they simply couldn’t support the demands for charging these devices unless they installed a chargebar for their students.

It is a similar story in learning institutions across the country as our demand on technology increases and the necessity for support structures to fuel it arises.

By Lauren Sinfield

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