Advertising your Brand with Chargebar

Let’s face it. The classic marketing method. It’s intrusive yet inescapable in today’s media-rich society. However, as every large company now bombards us with ads, we’ve come to master the skill of well… ignoring them.

Chargebar takes on the modern method – permissive advertising. Displaying your brand on our products lets consumers decide whether they want to find more about the product.

It’s a great advantage as targeting those who show interest in the product means a high conversion rate. It is consumers that have the power to choose whether to ignore or follow prompts, encouraging people to actually pay attention to the marketing message.

With the findings that today’s youth have only an 8 second attention span, our traditional marketing methods definitely needs to be reassessed and evolve.

Permissive advertising puts power in the audience’s hand. It establishes trust, reputation and brand recognition.

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