All You Need to Know About Chargesafes

The Chargesafe. They’re the world’s most advanced charging station being able to charge up to 10 phones at once in 5 lockers.

It’s innovative, practical and highly-convenient.

Having a Chargesafe in your venue gives great benefits to not only customers but to your business as well.

Phone charging services are a great way to increase foot traffic. People today are spending endless amounts of time on their phone when going about their day. It’s inevitable that they’ll need to charge their phone.

Customers are also bound to spend more time and money in venues. Studies found that as people wait for their phones to charge in venues, they are more likely to increase their time at the venue as well as their spendings there.


Why Lockers?

The use of lockers though, is undoubtedly advantageous. Whilst customers have their phones charging in these lockers, they are able to comfortably grab their food, drinks or roam about and pick their phone up afterwards conveniently charged.


Paid vs Unpaid Chargesafes

The two types of Chargesafes differ in that customers either have to pay or not pay a small fee to charge their phone.

  • Paid Chargesafes – require a fee for phone charging are able to generate vending revenue for your business.
  • Unpaid Chargesafes – are free to use. They generate no revenue however allow customers to access these phone charging lockers anytime, free of charge.


Why Your Business Needs One

It’s the age of technology and as technology develops, businesses need to follow with the times.

People today are always on their phones and Chargesafes naturally solve this low-battery issue. It draws customers in, increase their spendings and time in the venue and yet, makes them happy and appreciative of this service!


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