Attracting More Customers to Your Café

The average café today is teeming with people, equipped with a coffee in one hand and a phone in the other trying to find a vacant spot.

Attracting customers to your café nowadays is simple. It comes down to understanding what customers want, what they love and the never-ending ideas on enhancing their café experience.

Since it’s the age of technology, here are some great yet trendsetting ideas on attracting customers to your café:


It seems just within nature to assume that many cafés nowadays are equipped with free Wi-Fi. But it isn’t the case. Providing this is a definite way to increase foot traffic and customer retention. Cafés today are increasingly being used as places for both the young and old to complete work – whether it’s for uni or for their job.  It makes it a significant opportunity for cafés to increase foot traffic and customer retention.


Aesthetically Appealing

Having an appealing storefront is also an important factor in attracting more customers to your café. Even though they say not to judge a book by its cover, it’s inevitable. Everyone does it. It involves making the store visually appealing – having nice décor and clear signs and displays on the café window.


Everyone Loves a Reward

Existing customers who love to regularly come to your café are great brand ambassadors. Rewarding these customers will go a long way as it would only motivate them to recommend and/or bring along their friends and family. It not only increases customer satisfaction but will encourage customers to come back for more.

Phone Charging Stations

When customers arrive at your café, they no longer just expect the desire for free Wi-Fi – they need a source to recharge their phone devices. The odd one or two power outlets in the café will not satisfy the mass need for power. A recent study found that Australians are on their phones at an average of 2.5 hours a day. Today, people are so in tune to having their smartphones by their side that having a depleting phone battery is an issue that everybody knows all too well.


Being a Part of the Community

Loyal customers of your café tend to be people who live locally. If you want the community to support your café, go out there and support the community first! Sponsor community events and partner up with other local businesses to make your name visible, reinforce your brand and attract new customers.


Attracting customers to your café nowadays is simple. Offering customers a fulfilling experience at the café certainly goes a long way.

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