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Case Study: Mrs Sippy @ Bali

No atmosphere is as exuberant as the island full of holiday goers all trying to take in the extraordinary views of Indonesia and soak in more of that glorious sunshine.


Bar. Pool. Club. Restaurant. Mrs Sippy in Bali is the destination that offers spectacular food, drinks and unforgettable moments. Whether it being a family affair at the place during mornings or a party scene through the afternoon and onwards, Mrs Sippy does it all.


Yes, Mrs Sippy now holds a Chargebar in their venue! It’s a great idea for a place full of holiday-goers that love to take vacation snaps, searching for directions or trying to communicate with friends and family.


Being able to charge your phone whilst having a great time out is definitely a problem people in this modern age face. It’s a universal problem with an easy solution!

Photo credit: mrssippybali.com



The Modern Hospital

When life throws you a curveball and you end up in the waiting room of the hospital, there are many more things on your mind at that crucial time than remembering to bring a phone charger.

For those who do remember bringing a charger, it’s just difficult finding a free power outlet. You really don’t want to be climbing your way through medical machines and cables looking for an empty power outlet.




As communication is crucial amongst guests and patients in hospitals so too is having a charged mobile phone.


Phone charging stations. They’re the latest innovation and the solution to this universal issue. Whether waiting for their appointment, treatment or just visiting, people at this time are in high use of their phone and so, need to be able to charge their phones.




Providing services for people to charge their phone increases customer satisfaction. It allows them to be on their phones without fear of a dead battery ultimately decreasing perceived wait times. For places such as waiting rooms where people tend to spend extended amounts of time in, it’s an important time to stay in touch.


Modern hospitals are revolutionising as technology continues to develop. Phone charging services are now the standard. It’s the solution, cutting down at least one stress guests and patients don’t have to fret about.


Putting customers first is an important initiative but with this, it benefits all.




Leveraging Your Brand with Chargebar

Leveraging your brand with Chargebar definitely has substantial advantages.


Chargebar has kept the phones of fellow Aussies charged since 2011 and has become Australia’s largest supplier of mobile phone charging stations.


Associating your brand with us allows your customers to associate Australia’s well-known charging solution with your business.



Equipped with familiarity of our Chargebar brand, consumers hold the undeviating brand perception of quality. It provides consumers with instant recognition of Chargebar, carrying these positive attitudes and characteristics into your brand and venue.


Placing a branded Chargebar in your venue only shows the high value placed in good customer service. It communicates the value your brand holds with Chargebar –  putting customers first.


It’s using the power of our brand, Chargebar that will help create a large and meaningful impact on your business.


Phone Charging: A Theme Park Innovation

Having a full day out at a theme park isn’t one for the faint-hearted. There’s a lot of walking, a lot of waiting and a lot of the ‘keeping-myself-entertained-on-social-media-but-low-battery’ problem.



Phone charging lockers. It’s the solution to a universal problem. In this technological revolution today, people always have their phones on them like it’s just
another limb.

Customers are able to leave their phones charged in secure lockers, freely queue for the next ride or show and pick up their phone afterwards.

Having customers with depleting phone batteries should be a concern for theme park managers. Reducing phone use to conserve battery means less use of the theme park’s app, less photos shared online and shorter stays at the park. It’s a loss for everyone.

Theme park goers need their phones to look at maps, keep in contact with friends and family at the park as well as to capture and share photos of unforgettable moments.


Phone charging lockers, they’re a definite solution to the present and future.