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Phone Charging in Hospitals – A Modern Necessity

Rushing out the door, last-minute, to get to the hospital, we have a lot on our minds. “What do I need to bring?”, “Is everything going to be alright?”, “Who do I need to call?”, and plenty more. In this moment of hurried panic, there’s one device we would never forget, our smartphone. We’d grab it, grab our keys, and head out straight away, there’s no time to waste. When we arrive, we’d take out our smartphone to make that all-important call to a friend or a loved one, and so often, the battery level would be at 3%. Barely enough for 1 call, and who knows how long we’d be at the hospital?

A phone charger is the single most commonly forgotten item by patients and visitors to a hospital, and with so much on their mind, who could blame them? Luckily, hospitals around Australia are beginning to embrace phone charging as a service, by simply placing a Chargebar on a wall.

The Sunshine Coast University Hospital is one such hospital, with well over a dozen Riley LED Chargebars installed throughout. Sonya Ackerman generously donated these mobile phone charging stations, in memory of her son James, in appreciation of the care hospitals give. Visitors and patients at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital no longer need to add a flat battery to their sources of anxiousness, and can keep family members, friends, and loved ones in the loop.

Chargebar has provided phone charging services to hospitals just like the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, all over Australia, in the form of a simple Riley on a floor stand, a Kippax sitting flat on a coffee table, or a Chargesafe mounted to the wall. It may seem like a small, compact service, but making that one phone call could mean the world to someone.

A Student in 2018

It’s true that everyone needs access to their smartphone in today’s day and age, but it’s even more true that students need their smartphones almost as much as they need oxygen. This little device is never more than a metre away, in use every waking hour of the day. People between the ages of 18 and 24 check their phones 74 times a day, every single day. Phones today are so capable, and so powerful, but their batteries are just not keeping up.

Students come from far and wide to go to their uni or tafe classes, sometimes commuting for several hours a day. A common school of thought is that every 18-24 year old on the bus staring at their phones is browsing social media, but students also use their phones to keep themselves up-to-date regarding timetable changes, message group assignment members, and even read over lecture notes.

An obvious solution is to bring a charger to uni, but this is so easily forgettable, that only about 3% of people ever leave home with their charger. So, the easiest solution is to place a Riley Chargebar on the wall of a university library. Students suffering from acute nomophobia (a fear of not having access to a phone) always love this service, quickly topping up their phone for the rest of the day.

Dozens of universities across Australia are already embracing a Chargebar as a necessary service for their students and staff. Keeping students connected is seen as a requirement for modern universities, and as smartphone technology develops, this will only become more compulsory.

Introducing Our New Cables!

We’ve all seen the frayed, untidy, exposed metal of a charging cable on its last legs. It just seems to be the way they go after countless hours pumping life into our phones. Chargebar cables are used more than any other, keeping devices powered on while their owners get on with their day.

That’s why Chargebar has spent quite some time developing a brand new range of cables. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill, “last 3 months before you have to buy another for $40 from a certain smartphone manufacturer” cables. Chargebar’s newest cables are set to be the strongest in the world.

Kevlar is amongst the world’s strongest materials, and is usually reserved for bulletproof vests, aeronautics, and explosives protection. Chargebar’s newest cables will be braided with Kevlar, meaning their durability will go above and beyond. Here’s a handy list of a few things you’ll be able to do with our new cables other than keep you Chargebar charging on:

• Do a pull-up
• Do 100 pull-ups
• Chain up your bicycle
• Chain up your car
• Tow your car
• Tow your truck
• Sharpen a kitchen knife
• Go abseiling
• Do any of the above in extreme heat
• And plenty more!

Chargebar’s new Kevlar cables will be available soon in Apple Lightning, Type-C, and Micro-USB, watch this space!

Why Does Australia Need Phone Charging?

Smartphones have replaced everything. As well as being a phone, they can be a computer, a calculator, a tv, a book, and even a watch. There are over 17 million smartphone users in Australia, and approximately 2 billion in the world. Everyone is connected 24 hours a day, using their phones to find places to eat, people to meet, post on social media about their experiences, and communicate with friends. All of this ends with a flat battery.

Businesses everywhere are embracing phone charging as the newest addition to their customer service offering. These businesses all understand the value of keeping their customers charged up. To a pub, late night venue, restaurant, or café, giving patrons access to a phone charging service means they’ll buy that extra drink, grab a second coffee, or stick around for lunch. For a university, students can stay connected, and continue their study in peace. In a hospital or medical facility, visitors can eliminate one element of stress, knowing full well that they’ll always be able to communicate with loved ones.

Businesses need phone charging because Australians need their phones charged. This comes in the form of a Riley mounted to a wall, a secure Chargesafe operated with a touchscreen, or the convenient Devonshire coaster-sized portable chargers. Chargebar has presented a simple solution to the world’s battery woes, because as long as smartphones are at the centre of everything we do, they’ll need a Chargebar to power them.