Case Study: Mrs Sippy @ Bali

No atmosphere is as exuberant as the island full of holiday goers all trying to take in the extraordinary views of Indonesia and soak in more of that glorious sunshine.


Bar. Pool. Club. Restaurant. Mrs Sippy in Bali is the destination that offers spectacular food, drinks and unforgettable moments. Whether it being a family affair at the place during mornings or a party scene through the afternoon and onwards, Mrs Sippy does it all.


Yes, Mrs Sippy now holds a Chargebar in their venue! It’s a great idea for a place full of holiday-goers that love to take vacation snaps, searching for directions or trying to communicate with friends and family.


Being able to charge your phone whilst having a great time out is definitely a problem people in this modern age face. It’s a universal problem with an easy solution!

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