Chargebar’s sponsorship of Ronald McDonald House Charities

It is with great pleasure that we announce our ongoing sponsorship of Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) for financial year 2017. If you’re not aware, Chargebar has installed over 40 Riley Chargebars in the 15 Ronald McDonald Houses across Australia,[…]

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Why Smartphone Batteries Are Not Getting Better

If we look at the design of mobile phones over the past decade, it is simply astonishing to see how rapidly the designs themselves have evolved; from the first brick to the flip phone, back to the brick in a[…]

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Chargebar July 2015 Sale

I know I haven’t been online for a while, however I have a good excuse: I got married and went on a well-deserved and very fun honeymoon! The good news – I’m back. And to cheer me up from my[…]

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7 Undeniable Reasons Why You Need A Charging Station

We keep getting asked… why should we install a charging station on our premises, or use a charging kiosk at an event? My response: Are you serious?! But then I realised it’s my fault for not explaining it properly. So[…]

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How fast is the Chargebar charge?

Chargebar was exhibiting at a conference the other day and I realised something that you can only work out when talking with lots of people face to face. Everyone wants to know how fast the charging speed is! So I thought I’d[…]

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How To Look After Your Mobile Phone Battery

… the right way! There are so many different tips and tricks going around at the moment on how to best look after your mobile phone battery life, and here at Chargebar we have done our research to ensure that[…]

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Nivea’s Solar Powered Magazine Ad = Brilliant

Great initiative from Nivea Brazil with their Solar Charging magazine ad. “We want to offer not only products guided by innovation, but also amazing experiences that make our customers’ lives better and easier,” says Tatiana Ponce, marketing director of Nivea Brazil.[…]

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Response to Feedback

We have some great changes to announce regarding our event hire units. Last year we had a lot of our customers telling us they wanted more flexibility for their event hire – including optional branding to keep costs down, a[…]

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Top Spring Chargebar Wraps

It’s been a jam-packed Spring for Chargebar with events all over the country. From conferences to sporting events to festivals – you name it, we’ve been there. We’ve compiled our favourite designs for the Foster Chargebar. A must see for creative inspiration for you next event[…]

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Turbo Charging… Not Long Now Friends

In the US, Verizon has released the Droid Turbo with integrated super fast charging technology, QualComm Quick Charge Turbo Charging. Qualcomm is a world leader in smartphone battery management – a real game changer. We’re talking 75% faster charging, a full[…]

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Mobile Apps Hammering Your Battery

Mobile usage is on the rise, with mobile app usage taking the lead. There are mobile apps available to perform nearly all of your daily functions; from exercise and health trainers to instant travel agents. But what is this increase[…]

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Feel Good with Free Charging

As mobile usage continues to increase, the importance of keeping our phone switched on becomes more pivotal for our day-to-day routine. According to SourceDigit, the number of mobile connected devices will exceed the world’s population this year. Offering a free[…]

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Collins a massive hit with pubs, clubs and bars

A couple of weeks ago we officially launched Collins, a portable charging solution that allows people to recharge their device whilst moving around the venue. The response has been… huge! In particular, hospitality venues such as pubs, bars and clubs,[…]

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Telstra payphones becoming Wifi Hot Spots

In Australia, Telstra has announced that some payphones will be re-purposed as Wi-Fi Hotspots as part of a plan to blanket public spaces with internet. More than 100 hot spots should be operational by Christmas 2014, including busy spots such[…]

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How to get the most out of your battery life in iOS 8

Apple has released iOS 8 and there’s some pretty cool new stuff! • Hide your photos without deleting them (…because no one needs to know how many pictures are sent by your loved one) • Mute text alerts from specific[…]

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Even Apple is unhappy with Apple Watch battery

Apple recently introduced the new iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus and the long awaited Apple Watch. The watch keeps you connected and on schedule but also offers handy functions such as an advanced health tracking app and unique design.[…]

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Shanghai Railway Station Charges up

After Chargebar’s recent expansion of providing 26 custom units at Sydneys’ International airport we looked globally to see what other countries have taken similar initiatives. In China, Shanghai  Railway Station has taken a similar approach to Sydney airport, by providing free mobile[…]

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True wireless charging around the corner

Is true wireless charging actually going to happen? The closest group to it are a bunch of guys called uBeam. Their founder Meredith Perry has claimed that a fully functional prototype has been released. What is this difference to other so called[…]

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Solar Powered Charging Tables in Bryant Park

Again New York is leading the way in terms of charge station development with the introduction of solar powered device charging tables in Bryant Park. This is part of an urban project called CutyCharge, where solar powered charging kiosks were[…]

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Apple admits iPhone 5 Battery is Faulty.. But

Did you buy an iPhone sometime between September 2012 and January 2013? Finding your battery doesn’t last long but since everyone else complains you think its normal? Well you may be able to get it fixed on the house as[…]

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Finally we can fly with our phone kept on… what took so long?

It’s about time. We knew it was coming. We even had mobile recharge stations installed in Sydney’s International airport! We knew the current rules were outdated and kind of ridiculous but confirmation is here: your mobile device can now stay[…]

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New York Saying Goodbye to the Pay Phone?

Is this the end of the pay phone in New York? Possibly the start of something really big? In late July, New York city planned to convert the many thousands of pay phones into wireless access spots, sporting WiFi and[…]

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Chargebar’s now available at Sydney International Airport

Chargebar has just installed 26 custom units into the Sydney International Airport. We are thrilled about this partnership as travellers are always in need of the mobile charging service. Sydney Airports have done this in collaboration with one of their[…]

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New Chargebar Website

Chargebar’s New Website Launch

We are very excited to have launched our new website which has a new look and feel that you will love. We have been developing this for some time and you will see things are looking pretty fancy. Our key[…]

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Starbucks Free Charging Stations

Starbucks – More then a coffee fix

Starbucks have given themselves that competitive edge by offering wireless mobile charging stations to their customers, whilst getting their coffee fix. Announced last Thursday, Starbucks have decided to embrace the mobile technology evolution and become the first major retailer to[…]

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Company Spotlight : Tabcorp

“Our customer’s love Chargebar, they use it for maximum charge when they kick on from the races” Bruce Smith from Tabcorp purchased four Foster units for the Spring Carnival Races last year, they had two in Melbourne and two in[…]

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Charge your phone before flying or no flight

Last week, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) published an announcement stating that passengers flying to the United Sates, and soon to be the United Kingdom, from Europe and the Middle East should make sure their electronic devices are charged before[…]

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LIsa Tyson UWS

Customer Spotlight: University of Western Sydney

It’s the perfect location for phone charging stations – Universities. And University of Western Sydney know this, rolling out Chargebars across all campuses. The result? Students love them, and so do the Unis. Read the great feedback below.   Lisa[…]

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Amsterdam Airport

Chargebar your mobile device with pedal power!

There’s three big problems in the world at the moment: 1. People gaining weight 2. Phone batteries getting worse and worse and worse 3. Global warming Why not try and fix all three at once? Some clever eggs in Europe[…]

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ANZ Stadium

Chargebars @ ANZ Stadium!

In addition to their roll out of free WiFi, ANZ Stadium is now also offering Chargebars! They went off at the recent Socceroos clash with South Africa, and we’re expecting the same at next week’s blockbuster State of Origin match.[…]

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Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 4.50.04 PM

EOFY SALE: 20% off? Yes please!

To celebrate the End of Financial Year we’re offering 20% off any Chargebar purchase or event hire. Simply confirm your order or event booking before June 30 to take advantage of this great offer. For event hire customers, it doesn’t matter if[…]

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Street Charge

Street Charge – Solar Panel Charging Stations

People expect power everywhere. It’s the first thing you see when you hit StreetCharge’s website, and something we’ve been saying here at Chargebar for a long time. So what is StreetCharge? In short, it’s a solar powered phone charging station[…]

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The Bar Tab App

Open and close a bar tab on your smartphone with Clipp

Sydney based start-up Clipp does one thing really well – bar tabs on your smartphone. It works and it’s awesome! Greg Taylor, Clipp Co-Founder, talks to Chargebar about his very cool mobile app and why it’s taking pubs, bars and restaurants by storm. Want $10 off[…]

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Matt Kam - Vodafone

Chargebar Customer Spotlight: Vodafone

Matt Kam, Consumer Sales Development Manager for Vodafone Australia, talks to us about the support Chargebar provided for the bushfire emergency in February this year.   1. What is your name? Matthew Kam 2. What is the name of your company? Vodafone Hutchison[…]

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10 Web Tools To Improve Your Customer Service

So you know customer service is important, right? But do you know just how important it is? Here’s a few stats that will make you sit upright in your chair:   • 60% of consumers will pay more for better[…]

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Charging Stations Installed in Canadian Taxis

It’s the end of a hard day at work, you’ve been making calls and sending emails all day, and you’re heading straight out for a few drinks on the town. Damn it, you’re on 4% battery! The smart people at[…]

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Cam Baker

Chargebar Custom Spotlight: Diversified Communications

Cam Baker, from Diversified Communications, talks to us about why he loves hiring Chargebars for his events.   1. What is your name? Cam Baker 2. What is the name of your company? Diversified Communications Australia 3. What is your title at the company?[…]

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Foot Traffic Tip

Geo-based marketing on smartphones the new secret weapon for retailers

Retail is currently undergoing structural change; with e-commerce gradually capturing a larger and larger share of consumer’s discretionary spend. This transition has placed many traditional bricks-and-mortar retail stores under significant pressure, often due to a sharp decline in foot traffic[…]

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Store Dot: Charge in 30 seconds

The super fast charge is here! Finally!

When we started designing and manufacturing our phone charging stations (many moons ago now), we spent a lot time looking into charging speed. We wanted to provide the fastest possible recharge for our users when out-of-home. Speed matters, we get[…]

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March Madness

Buy 3 Get 1 Free – all of March

Summer may be over, but we’ve decided to kick off Autumn with a huge special for you. For all March we’re offering 1 free Chargebar for every 3 units purchased or hired (on selected models only) Hurry, this special is[…]

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Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 11.24.07 am

The Event App bible

  Event apps have moved from niche to mainstream, with many event organisers now considering them an essential service for any major conference, festival, sporting or other large event.   But which app developer should you use? What features should[…]

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infographic hotel1

Hotel technology research you can’t ignore

The single biggest change to the hotel industry this century has been technology. Guests are now digital savvy and expect a far higher standard of tech service at their hotel. Some fantastic market research by Xirrus and Moonblink shows that failure to meet guest[…]

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The mobile lives of our Students

What proportion of students own a smartphone? What do they use it for? How important is it to the learning experience? Check out this great infographic answering these questions, and showing us why smartphones have become essential to a student’s[…]

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Top 10 University Chargebar designs for 2013

Did your Uni make the Top 10 for 2013? Check out the complete the list! #10. University of Newcastle: A clever use of a phone and cable graphic #9. TAFE Polytechnic West: Columns bars growing in size and colour, just like a[…]

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A Single Device for Work and Play?

Melbourne based technology consultant, Megan Lemma, was on a mission. She was out prove that you could run a business for 30 days from just one mobile device – in her case, a tablet. With so many people now owning three[…]

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