Charge your phone before flying or no flight

Last week, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) published an announcement stating that passengers flying to the United Sates, and soon to be the United Kingdom, from Europe and the Middle East should make sure their electronic devices are charged before boarding their flights. “No power, no flight, at least not with that dead device”.

The TSA announced that passengers may be asked to turn on their mobile devices (including laptops, tablets and mobile phones), for examination during security screenings for international flights. Devices that don’t have power will not be allowed on planes. As well as this, passengers carrying such devices may face additional screening.

While TSA did not specify exactly which airports are being targeted, it is known that selected United States airports, and London Heathrow will be on the list, and that is just the beginning. The change has come as part of the enhanced security measures put in place by the Department of Homeland Security last week, which are reportedly a response to new threats related to terror groups creating explosives that are difficult to detect. Officials believe members of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula have developed technologies to transform phones into explosive devices.

Bottom line; make sure you charge up before boarding your flight! The new Chargebar’s at Sydney International Airport will assist with this.

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