Chargebar announces free phone charge for all

Service provider Chargebar announced today it has commenced rolling out free-to-use charging stations all across Australia. Targeting major cities and large rural towns, Chargebar aims to make their product as ubiquitous as the ATM or free WiFi.

Co-Founders Jonathon and Cameron Tanner are pleased to make this announcement after the successful installation of the service in transport locations, bars and shopping centres around Sydney.

Jonathon Tanner, Managing Director, believes that the market has evolved away from vending (where a consumer pays $1 to $3 for a 10 minute charge) towards the provision of a ‘recharge for no charge policy’.

“We received a lot of negative feedback from consumers, so we were left with little doubt that ‘free-to-use’ was the best business model to pursue. Globally we’re seeing this trend occurring too”.

Chargebar has been modifying their existing product portfolio in preparation for the national roll-out. “Having a charged phone is so important in our lives and we’re proud to be installing a service that powers the smartphone revolution”, said Tanner, adding “the biggest drawcard of our product is that hospitality and retail owners get increased foot traffic and dwell time in their venues, stimulating sales. The retail and hospitality industry haven’t seen something this powerful and effective in years”.

Chargebar is also set to announce national partnerships in February 2012.


About Chargebar

Chargebar’s are free-to-use phone and tablet battery chargers installed in out-of-home locations such as bars, cafes, airports and shopping centres. Each chargebar recharges 96% of handsets with a lightning fast charge. For venue owners, the service provides increased dwell time and additional foot traffic, ultimately increasing over the counter sales. Brands can also advertise on each chargebar to take advantage of a captive audience who can’t look away whilst recharging.


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