Chargebar cures problem of dead mobile phone batteries

Service provider Chargebar has today released a free iPhone app allowing consumers to locate the nearest venue to recharge their phone or tablet battery. Best of all, it’s completely free for everyone to use.

The Chargebar app finds one of 70 venues housing the service in Sydney’s CBD and surrounding suburbs, as well as Sydney Ferries on the Manly route.

Each chargebar has 8 to 12 charging cables and caters for 96% of smart phone handsets currently on the market with a lightning fast charge. Users simply find the correct charging cables and plug in for as long as they like.

“The iPhone app makes it easy for people to recharge their phone or tablets whilst out and about. With the last of their battery power they can find a location to recharge their phone… all for free!” Said Jonathon Tanner, Chargebar’s Managing Director, adding “everyone today is completely addicted to their smart phones. To have a flat phone battery can be an absolute nightmare and a horrible, sinking feeling. There’s even a name for it – nomophobia!”

The iPhone app features addresses and opening hours of each location. Users can also propose where they would like to see more free-to-use charging stations by hitting the ‘Suggest a Venue’ button.

“The chargebar app absolutely saved me! I found the closest venue, charged up and then was able to keep in contact with my friends all night.” – Carlie Ikonomou, 21, from Hunters Hill.

“I used the chargebar app when I was up from Melbourne. It’s awesome!” Rowen Wagner, 28, from Turrak.

“Please put a chargebar at North Bondi RSL and Icebergs – we need more in Bondi!” Kade Robinson, 28, from Bondi Beach.

Chargebar believes strong adoption of the app will prove to other venues how much the service is demanded by tech hungry consumers, and that chargebars will increase over the counter sales.

“Our venues absolutely love the service because 90% of customers will buy something while they wait for their phone to recharge” Tanner said, adding “and once they know the service is there, they’ll keep coming back to use it”.

Chargebar is currently in advanced discussions with large national hospitality and retail chains and expects to boost its network by 500 to 1,000 venues across Australia in the next 3 to 6 months, with the ultimate goal of 10,000 by 2014. The company aims one day sees the service being as ubiquitous as free WiFi.


About Chargebar

Chargebars are free-to-use phone and tablet battery chargers installed in out-of-home locations such as bars, cafes, airports and shopping centres. Each chargebar recharges 96% of handsets with a lightning fast charge. For venue owners, the service provides increased dwell time and additional foot traffic, ultimately increasing over the counter sales. Brands can also advertise on each chargebar to take advantage of a captive audience who can’t look away whilst recharging.


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