Chargebar Custom Spotlight: Diversified Communications

Cam Baker, from Diversified Communications, talks to us about why he loves hiring Chargebars for his events.


1. What is your name?

Cam Baker
2. What is the name of your company?

Diversified Communications Australia

3. What is your title at the company?

Operations Executive
4. In two sentences of less describe what you do?

Within Operations, we are responsible for the logistical delivery of exhibitions around Australia, budget/financial management, business efficiencies, occupational health & safety as well as managing external stakeholders and suppliers. We also look for new revenue opportunities – which is why we approached Chargebar.


5. What is your relationship with Chargebar?

We hire chargebars for placement around our exhibitions so visitors can recharge their mobile devices, while at the same time, provide branding exposure for sponsors. As we place them in prominent positions, the brand exposure for businesses is high due to the amount of time visitors spend in these areas.


6. What do you like the most about Chargebar?

The ease of doing business and accuracy of information provided – it results in a smooth experience.


7. What do your customers think of Chargebar?

The feedback has been good and it provides something a little bit different. It’s a positive interaction with the brand as its providing a useful and practical service.


8. Would you recommend Chargebar Pty Ltd to other businesses?

Yes – the product is simple, easy to understand, useful and provides good branding opportunities for sponsors.



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