Chargebar on a roll with marketing conferences at the ADMA Forum 2011.

New media company Chargebar have cemented themselves in the marketing industry, popping up again at another marketing conference, exhibiting their new business at ADMA Forum ‘The Science of Marketing’.

Making their first official appearance in the marketing industry, Chargebar exhibited three of their free to use public mobile phone battery chargers, ‘chargebars’, over the four day event from the 15th to 18th of August.

ADMA Forum 2011 ‘The Science of Marketing’, gathers some of the most advanced and knowledgeable marketing alchemists of our time to test the theories, examine the evidence, and draw conclusions about the latest approaches to multi-channel marketing.

An ideal platform to introduce Chargebar to the industry, ADMA Forum was the ideal platform to introduce the new and innovative marketing tool. Over 310 industry professionals spent time using the chargebars, gaining a valued free mobile phone recharge.

Demonstrating the revolutionary concept of providing free battery recharge in exchange for permissive advertising, industry insiders, including marketing teams from ING, Priceline, Maquarie Bank and Suncorp Bank, were impressed with the product’s versatility and ability to connect with users.

Marketing Manager George Loughman commented “It’s phenomenal. Here I am thinking ‘thank god for Chargebar’ as I needed to check my emails but my iPhone was going flat. Imagine what this could do for the brands I manage if consumers have the same response as me.”

Chargebar’s co-founder, Cameron Tanner, was pleased with the response: “we have a strong product that provides a valuable free service to the public and a unique tool for marketers. It’s really rewarding to have such a great response.”

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