Chargebar signs exclusivity agreement for Australia with Hercules Networks

Chargebar Pty Ltd today finalised and signed a permanent exclusivity agreement with Hercules Networks, the world leader in chargebar manufacturing and the largest mobile phone charging media network in the world.

Following extensive global research on manufacturers, Chargebar selected Hercules based on their experience, manufacturing quality and commitment to the Australian market.

“We’re very excited to work with the Hercules team. Not only are they the clear market leaders in the US market, they also offer a depth of experience that no other company can provide”, says Managing Director, Jonathon Tanner, adding “it’s great to be partnered with such a like minded team who truly believe in the concept and will work with us so closely with us to help drive adoption in Australia”.

Another driving force behind the agreement was Hercules Network’s technology. When the Chargebar team visited China, they remained unconvinced about the quality of machinery and disappointed by the speed at which they charged phones, particularly PDAs.

“The best charge time we received on an iPhone 4 using a chinese machine was 1% every 2 minutes and 20 seconds. With Hercules’ range of chargebars, we’re getting 1% every 1 minute 10 seconds, which means Chargebar is as fast as a wall charger, and more than twice as fast as any other public charger in Australia”, Tanner said. Given consumers are are on-the-go and unwilling to wait for long periods whilst their phones charge, the Chargebar team believe this technology is core to their business model.

Chargebar’s first units arrive from the US in late February, 2011.


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