Thank you for taking the time to register your interest in this exciting new product offer. We are incredibly excited to offer Australians yet another convenience at an affordable price.

With this in mind we are determined to provide the right locations and facilities the opportunity to be part of this plan. Once you have registered your interest, Ezycharge will be going to work on assessing all of the locations. They will be in contact with you via email to provide detailed information on the process.

Thanks again for your interest!

Please provide the name of the person who has the power to authorise the provision of a CHARGEUP station in your group / facility
Please provide a direct email for the primary contact as this is the person to whom all communications will be directed.
Ideally a mobile number is best however if this is unavailable, a direct number is sufficient.
If a group owns the facility(s), please indicate how many of the units we would be looking at installing a unit into.
Please supply at least one of the facilities into which a unit would be supplied.
Please select the option(s) best suited to your inquiry