Charging Stations Installed in Canadian Taxis

It’s the end of a hard day at work, you’ve been making calls and sending emails all day, and you’re heading straight out for a few drinks on the town.

Damn it, you’re on 4% battery!

The smart people at Telus, a Canadian-based telecommunications company, have realised this scenario is all too common and needs fixing.

The company has announced plans to install 1,000 charging stations in taxis, allowing passengers to plug-in for the duration of their journey. The docking stations will be situated on the backside of the passenger seat headrest.


The roll out commence in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver, and expands to more Canadian cities in the future.

It’s probably only 10 to 15 minutes of battery juice, but hey that’s enough to get your through the rest of your night.

And, we suspect, you’re going to be eternally grateful to Telus for providing the free service!



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