Collins a massive hit with pubs, clubs and bars

A couple of weeks ago we officially launched Collins, a portable charging solution that allows people to recharge their device whilst moving around the venue.

The response has been… huge!

In particular, hospitality venues such as pubs, bars and clubs, love the stylish design and super low price. It’s also gained a lot of attention from retailers, casino operators, events companies and libraries… pretty much anywhere there’s a counter or bar operated by staff.

How does it work? Just like opening a bar tab. Simply ‘lend’ a Chargebar power bank to the user and let them move freely around the venue whilst recharging. To ensure the power bank is returned you’ll just need your staff to take some form of security (e.g. credit card, license).

You can charge the user for the service (e.g. anywhere from $1 to $10) or make it a free customer service initiative.

Demand is hot, so jump online and grab yourself one today. Click here.

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