Case Study: Commodore Hotel @ North Sydney

Teasing glimpses of our glorious Sydney Harbour, the Commodore Hotel is a great place for the average Sydney-sider to eat, drink and relax. It sits in the North Sydney CBD making it a short escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

With a beer garden, bar, bistro, function room and even bottleshop, it’s equipped with all the lot. Doesn’t it make for a great location to catch up with mates and have the day fly by.


But this isn’t all. Especially being situated in the CBD, the Commodore Hotel attracts a lot of people and with a lot of people… comes a lot of dying phone batteries.

The hotel’s adopted Chargebar’s Chargesafe – phone charging lockers that keep your phones
topped up safe and securely.


Its placement near the bar makes it a popular location to be easily seen and accessible to customers.


Knowing all too well about the ubiquitous issue everyone in today’s technological age faces, it’s how the Commodore Hotel has found to put customers first and foremost in their business!


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