Company Spotlight : Tabcorp

“Our customer’s love Chargebar, they use it for maximum charge when they kick on from the races”

Bruce Smith from Tabcorp purchased four Foster units for the Spring Carnival Races last year, they had two in Melbourne and two in Sydney for their customers to use at their leisure. The mobile charging stations were consistently used throughout the Spring Carnival by Tabcorp customers who loved the service as they could get “maximum mobile charge when they kick on from the races”. These Foster mobile phone charging stations were wrapped in Tabcorp colours and acted as the perfect mascot for their stand, which rapidly improved their foot traffic at the Spring Carnival event.

Bruce gave us some great feedback, see full details below :

1. What is your name?
Bruce Smith
2. What is the name of your company?
3. What is your title at the company?
Racing & Event Manager NSW & QLD
4. In 2 sentences of less describe what you do?
Manage all “on course” TAB operations in NSW & QLD. Ensuring all site staff are rostered to work and perform their duties according to TABCORP procedures, to ensure our customers have a memorable day at the races
5. What is your relationship with Chargebar?
I purchased 4 chargebars for our Spring Carnival last year, we now have 2 in Victoria and 2 in NSW
6. What do you like the most about Chargebar?
Chargebar is an added benefit to our customer
7. What do your customers think of Chargebar?
Our customer’s love Chargebar, they use it for maximum charge when they kick on from the races.
8. Would you recommend Chargebar Pty Ltd to other businesses?
Definitely would recommend Charge Bar, I have done so internally within TABCORP.

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