Enhancing bedside manner with the iPad – the future of patient care

The iPad is quickly transforming communication within a hospital, bringing a world of information directly to the patients bedside.

The increase of physician to patient interaction has been documented in a case study on  The Ottawa Hospital, where the iPad has proven to be the first truly mobile solution freeing physicians from the constraints of PCs and laptop devices.

Status updates, surgery schedules, drug prescription and x-ray viewing can be done at the swipe of a fingertip, saving physicians valuable time and increasing rapport between doctor and patient.

The hospital has developed three other custom apps: a pain study app to document a patient’s pain thresholds and ascertain proper treatment; a hand hygiene app to record and report on hand hygiene compliance; and a patient rounds app so the answers are recorded in a consistent way.

Developing on the iOS platform is actually fairly quick,” says Valérie Gamache-O’Leary, Chief Information Officer. “Compared to applications in other environments, you’re able to iterate through versions of software, get them into production, and test them very, very quickly. We’re talking days and weeks as opposed to months and sometimes years.”

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