Frequently asked questions

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  • What devices do Chargebars cater for?

    • All Chargebars provide the main charging cables: Apple Lightning (iPhone 5, iPad Air), Apple Legacy (iPhone 4, iPad earlier versions) and Micro USB (Samsung, HTC & more). Providing these three cables means the Chargebar caters for virtually all smartphones and tablets on the market. Want to change the config? No problem, just leave a note for us at checkout.

  • Does it charge laptops?

    • No, only mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Research shows that people who carry a laptop usually carry their charger in their laptop bag. Installing a Chargebar will free up other power outlets for use by laptops.

  • How fast is the charging speed?

    • Charging speed is dictated by the device manufacturer (e.g. Apple, Samsung). A ‘rapid charge’ is not possible because the device’s operating system will reject it, or significantly throttle (ie slow down) the recharge speed.

      Depending on the device, you can expect a 10% to 20% recharge in 10 minutes. However, it’s rare for people to recharge to 100%! Most connect for 10 to 20 minutes, giving them sufficient battery power for the rest of the day.

  • Do devices get stolen? Are lockers better?

    • Chargebars are a ‘self service’ concept, meaning people are required to wait by their device whilst recharging.

      Phone theft is not an issue. In exchange for a free recharge, people are happy to wait. In any case, there is a disclaimer which states that it is the user’s responsibility to monitor their device whilst charging.

      Lockers pose several problems. They get ‘hogged’, making it expensive and operationally challenging to provide enough lockers to cater for demand.

      Secondly, liability transfers to the venue owner. If staff give the wrong device to someone, the venue will be liable for the cost of the device and distribution of any private information.

  • How do you brand a Chargebar?

    • Easy! Once you sign up, you can download the relevant artwork template directly from our website. Then create whatever design you like and send to us via email.

      Don’t have a designer? No problem! We can do it for you for a small one-off fee.

  • What ongoing maintenance is required?

    • Over time cables will become damaged or frayed, and occasionally vandalised. This is normal and should be expected to occur.

      Some cables will also become outdated (e.g. iPhone 4).

      All plans include replacement and upgrade cables at no extra cost, which will be mailed to you within 48 hours. You are required to change the cables yourself. On-site maintenance by Chargebar incurs additional charges.

  • How many power outlets are required?

    • All Chargebar requires only 1 regular power outlet.

  • Can you make the cables longer?

    • No, the cable length is standard on all units. The length is intentional to minimise cable damage and maintain a clean & presentable appearance.

      If people need to make a phone call, they can disconnect, make the call, then reconnect.

  • What is Apple MFi Compliance? Why is it important?

    • MFi stands for ‘Made For iDevice’. It is Apple’s official certification that requires significant investment, quality manufacturing standards and shared profits with Apple.

      Any non-MFi compliant recharging device infringes Apple’s patents. Non-MFi compliant products will display an error message when connected, recharge slowly and/or not recharge at all.

  • Is Chargebar MFi Compliant?

    • Yes. Chargebar is the only MFi compliant supplier of phone charging stations in Australia.

  • Why do Chargebar products all have cables?

    • Only 3% of people ‘always’ carry their charger with them, and only 9% carry it ‘often’. By providing a solution with cables, Chargebars can be used by nearly everyone, generating the highest possible return on investment for the venue proprietor.

  • Do customers require assistance to operate a Chargebar?

    • No. Chargebars are a self-service solution that do not require assistance from staff. Just like your regular charger at home, people can disconnect and reconnect whenever they like.

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