Feel Good with Free Charging

As mobile usage continues to increase, the importance of keeping our phone switched on becomes more pivotal for our day-to-day routine. According to SourceDigit, the number of mobile connected devices will exceed the world’s population this year. Offering a free charging service in your venue has a number of benefits for your consumers – it will not only provide them with greater customer service, but have them coming back to your venue time and time again.

Here are some of the key benefits of having a phone charging kiosk available in your venue:

1. Attract More Customers

Whether you are a university, café, library or bar, attracting and retaining customers is key to your business success. Free charging will not only bring customers into your venue, but it will keep them there… and keep them coming back!

2. Build Brand Love

There are many ways in which free charging can help increase brand awareness for your company.

–       Social Network Promotion: By offering customers the chance to charge their smart-device, they are more likely to promote you. We all know how much people love checking into a venue on their social networks; by offering free charging you are giving a great reason for your customers to post and tell the world exactly where they are, and how great you are! You can see some of our customer tweets on our Twitter feed here.

–       Get listed on the Chargebar App: Your venue will be listed on the Chargebar App, which immediately puts you on the map in offering a great service to your consumers.

–       Customer Database: While your customers are charging up their devices for free, you can ask for their email addresses to build up your customer base. Sending regular email updates to your customers will offer great customer retention for your brand. Check out some great email marketing tips here.

3. Grow Your Sales For A Tiny Investment

There are numerous ways in which you can improve your customer service, whether it be recruiting more staff, updating your business processes, or revamping your venue. Installing a phone charging kiosk does not come at a big expense, yet it is known to improve your customer service a huge amount. Have a read through some of our client testimonials to get an idea of how it has improved their business:
University of Western Sydney

4. Stand Out From The Crowd

Unlike free Wi-Fi, which is now expected by customers in most parts of the world, free charging is still a relatively new concept that customers are heavily demanding.

By offering free charging, you are not only exceeding your customers expectations, you are also differentiating yourself from your competitors.

5. Show Your Creativity With Chargebar Branding

With Chargebar’s branding option, you can get creative by branding up your phone charging kiosk with whatever promotion you would like to bring to market.

In summary, offering free device charging for your customers will do more then bring customers in; it will greatly improve their experience at your venue, offer your venue free promotion via social networks, give your venue that competitive edge, and keep customers coming back to your venue time and time again.

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