Finally we can fly with our phone kept on… what took so long?

It’s about time. We knew it was coming. We even had mobile recharge stations installed in Sydney’s International airport! We knew the current rules were outdated and kind of ridiculous but confirmation is here: your mobile device can now stay powered on during the entire flight if you’re flying with Qantas or Virgin.

You will still need to keep the devices in ‘Flight Mode’ but this signals the end to embarrassing interruptions from flight staff as well as the disapproving looks from fellow passengers.

This is not particularly a world beating initiative as most flight in NZ, the US and Europe already allow mobile devices to be left powered on as long as they’re in flight mode.

We hope that in the not too distant future the airlines will start providing free recharge kiosks on the planes as well! Until there there’s never been a better time to charge up before a flight using one of our super cool & free phone recharging stations, found in many Australian airports. You can find their locations using our charge station locator.


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