Case Study: Fitzroy Inn @ Mittagong



Situated at Mittagong in the Southern Highlands of NSW, the Fitzroy Inn provides a warm and exquisite venue perfect for any occasion, ceremony or function. The restored building today boasts a well-established venue that is only an hour-drive escape away from the bustle of Sydney. Yet, it’s richness in colonial history showcases a remarkable place to stay.

Despite being open for over 180 years, the Fitzroy Inn continues with their country traditions whilst integrating technology-related services to guests. Their adoption of Chargebar’s phone charging stations only enhances the customer experience.



It’s a great location for one. Holiday-goers we all know, are the real victims of a dead battery. Whether it’s finding map directions, taking photos or sharing holiday snaps, they’re definitely always the ones needing to find a place to charge!

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