Guide: Where to put your chargebar(s)

The location of a chargebar is the most important factor in making it a success in your venue. Here are some handy tips on where to position it.


DO… make it visible and prominent

– Place it in a highly visible and prominent position. The more people see it, the more people will use it

– Install at a height of 130cm to 145cm off the ground

– Make the chargebar stand out by removing any other wall signage and paraphernalia around it


– Place at the rear of venue/store or in dimly lit areas


DO… position at point of purchase

– If you have a location where people can purchase products and/ or services, position the chargebar nearby to stimulate sales while users wait for their phone to recharge (e.g. at the bar or retail counter)


DO… make recharging comfortable

– Provide comfortable seating nearby as some people like to recharge for a long time

– Allow room for multiple users at one time


– Place the unit in busy corridors, bathrooms, stairways, or any other space where it would be uncomfortable to wait for 10 minutes


DO… make it accessible

– Ensure that the chargebar can be accessed by all users at all times


– Place furniture or other goods in front of the chargebar

– Position the seating and/or tables directly under the unit, otherwise when the seating is occupied, access will be obstructed

– Locate behind your counter unless you are willing to take responsibility for the phones


BIG No No’s…

– Close to exit doors

– In gaming rooms

– Next to cigarette machines

– Close to ATM’s

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