Hotel technology research you can’t ignore

The single biggest change to the hotel industry this century has been technology. Guests are now digital savvy and expect a far higher standard of tech service at their hotel.
Some fantastic market research by Xirrus and Moonblink shows that failure to meet guest expectations can have a very real and substantial impact on yours hotel revenue.


The key findings to take away with you:


1. Hotel guests demand fast Internet
Most guests carry their own device(s) and choose to consumer their own media, not that provided by the hotel. WiFi networks in hotels need to be accessible, fast and free – just like their home connections.
Tnooz estimates lost revenue from inferior WiFi connections at a staggering $5 billion per year.


2. Guests have multiple devices
Laptop. Check. Tablet. Check. Smartphone. Check.
Three device traveller are increasingly common. Put just 2 people in one room and you’re talking 6 devices that need connectivity.
Guests are increasingly frustrated at hotels, which provide access for only 1 or 2 devices simultaneously. You’re telling your guest you don’t understand, and they’ll respond by staying elsewhere next time.



3. Guests need more bandwidth
The traditional in-house entertainment model is fading, fast.
Guest will have their entire media collection already with them – music, videos, games, whatever – most likely saved in their cloud based storage. At home they’re used to AppleTV and Netflix and gaming consoles.
Your WiFi needs to be able to handle this traffic and accommodate for big bandwidth.


4. Social media is your best friend
A photo on a guest’s Facebook post, promoting the best features of your hotel, is a personal endorsement to that guest’s entire network – and is worth its weight in gold.
It’s in your best interests to keep your guest’s connected and sharing their hotel experience with their social networks, typically on their smartphone. With Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and many more, the opportunity for free promotion is yours for the taking.


5. Guest interaction must go digital
Setting up an app, which allows guests to seamlessly interact with you before, during and after your stay will improve their experience, provide valuable data, streamline operations and give your hotel the edge.
Think mobile check-in & out, in-room dining ordering, hotel services, car collection requests, local area maps – all in a single mobile app / mobile site.


You can invest as much money as you like in new technology for your guests, but it’s all useless if their battery runs out.
Providing phone charging stations in the common areas of your hotel are crucial – it keeps them connected and accessing their social networks, hopefully to promote your hotel.
With so many guests carrying multiple devices, in-room charging stations that cater for all different cable types (iPhone5, iPhone4, MicroUSB and MiniUSB) are crucial.
Check our model for your reception area, bar, gym or conference facilities, and our model for individual hotel rooms.
Check out these great stats below to see how your hotel stacks up:



Source: Bookassist
Infographic: Xirrus and Moonblink via





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