How fast is the Chargebar charge?

Chargebar was exhibiting at a conference the other day and I realised something that you can only work out when talking with lots of people face to face. Everyone wants to know how fast the charging speed is! So I thought I’d send you a quick note to explain it… without too much technical mumbo jumbo.

Charging speed is dictated by the device manufacturer (e.g. Apple) and NOT the charger (e.g. a Chargebar) that it’s connected to. Each device (e.g. an iPhone) goes through a series of authentications when you plug the cable in. If all of the hardware specs are correct, the device will ‘pull’ charge at the maximum possible speed allowed by that device. If the phone charging stations tries to ‘push’ too much current to the device, or the hardware specs are wrong, the device’s operating system will throttle the charging speed (ie slow down), or reject is completely.

That’s why when you connect to an el cheapo charger you bought at your local petrol station the charging speed is so ridiculously slow!!

It’s also why Chargebar has Apple MFi certification on all our products and optimised power supply settings, guaranteeing the fastest possible charging speed to your customers. If the device authenticates and it pulls the maximum current, you can expect a 10% to 25% in 10 minutes, depending on how flat the battery is, how old the phone is, device make and model, etc.

And what about a super fast charge? The technology does exist to recharge a device super quick (in 1 minute!) however the big wigs at Apple & Samsung are unlikely to roll it out anytime soon. ‘Super charging’ a battery will reduce the battery’s lifespan, causing a huge spike in warranty claims, as most smartphone and tablet batteries aren’t interchangeable.

One super cool trick to make a device charge faster is to turn on Airplane Mode while charging. You should see a 10% increase in charging speed.

Hope this helps!

Charge on,

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