How To Look After Your Mobile Phone Battery

… the right way!

There are so many different tips and tricks going around at the moment on how to best look after your mobile phone battery life, and here at Chargebar we have done our research to ensure that you have the most up to date and relevant information regarding your phone battery. Phone batteries should be looked after in the same way that you would your car battery, with care and attention! Here are our 3 key tips for maintaining longer battery life:

1. Keep your battery charged to increase the ‘memory affect’
How often do you let your car battery go flat? Same rules apply here! Keep it charged up and you will increase the memory affect for your phone battery, essentially making it last for longer. Charge up regularly and your phone battery will thank you for it.

2. Keep your battery cool to avoid over-heating and exhausting it. 
Again, when your car overheats, you make sure it cools down as fast as possible. Same goes for your phone battery. You will notice that if you leave your mobile phone in the direct sunlight it will often have a ‘temperature warning’, which is actually burning your battery.

3.  Avoid wireless charging until the technology is perfected. 
When Ethanol was first released, we had to make sure our engines could perform with the new petrol before we opted in. Many cars still cannot run with Ethanol at all! In a similar sense, until our phones are properly equipped to manage wireless charging power, it can cause more harm then good. Wireless technologies have the habit of generating wasted heat. Wasted energy is bad enough on the environment, let alone your phone! The excess heat can toast your battery unless monitored properly.

Good news is, here at Chargebar we are working on the world’s best wireless charging service which will make sure there is no wasted heat in the process. Stay tuned for more details! In the meantime, make sure you maintain your phone battery life by following our top tips.



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