Introducing Our New Cables!

We’ve all seen the frayed, untidy, exposed metal of a charging cable on its last legs. It just seems to be the way they go after countless hours pumping life into our phones. Chargebar cables are used more than any other, keeping devices powered on while their owners get on with their day.

That’s why Chargebar has spent quite some time developing a brand new range of cables. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill, “last 3 months before you have to buy another for $40 from a certain smartphone manufacturer” cables. Chargebar’s newest cables are set to be the strongest in the world.

Kevlar is amongst the world’s strongest materials, and is usually reserved for bulletproof vests, aeronautics, and explosives protection. Chargebar’s newest cables will be braided with Kevlar, meaning their durability will go above and beyond. Here’s a handy list of a few things you’ll be able to do with our new cables other than keep you Chargebar charging on:

• Do a pull-up
• Do 100 pull-ups
• Chain up your bicycle
• Chain up your car
• Tow your car
• Tow your truck
• Sharpen a kitchen knife
• Go abseiling
• Do any of the above in extreme heat
• And plenty more!

Chargebar’s new Kevlar cables will be available soon in Apple Lightning, Type-C, and Micro-USB, watch this space!

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