Jasper, Cooper or Carter? Which model is right for your event?

These guys are ready to keep the party charged for conference and festival goers, offering subtle variations in physique and character to suit different event needs. Cooper is the clever older brother, capable of projecting video and pictures on a 19 inch screen. A captive audience awaits as an average battery boost takes 10-20 minutes (dictated differently by each device), providing sponsors with a unique medium to connect with attendees.

Jasper is his streamlined counterpart, similar in size and shape with a removable base plate for greater manoeuvrability and ease of transit. This guy is endowed with plenty of brand space, where two light-box illuminations attract attention to the free charging service. Individual phone slots take the place of Cooper’s storage tray, which allows users to eye phones conspicuously in tidy divisions.

Both boast 16 charging cables compatible with 97 percent of handsets on the market including tablet devices. These models allow simultaneous charges without affecting charging speed, perfect for festivals, conferences and large events.

Chargebar always recommends Cooper or Jasper for events because of their ‘presence’ – events are typically visually heavy spaces, with lots of different things competing for attendees eyes. Therefore it is essential to have a charging station that stands out and can be seen, as this will maximise usage and ensure great value for money for your hire.

Last but not least is charging unit Carter, the little bro who hangs out with all the cool kids in VIP areas and hospitality hot spots. While Carter accommodates less devices with eight charging cables, he can be hired for smaller audiences or in larger quantities to best service the event location.

Carter will charm the likes of sponsors and guests with his brand boosting capabilities and convenient portability.

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