Jevons Paradox and the Future of Batteries

It was only on the news a few months ago. Samsung releases the new Galaxy Note 7 equipped with… a battery that explodes.

As technology progresses, so does the quality behind our smartphones. Better cameras. Larger Screens. Faster processors. We demand so much from that small device sitting in our pockets that at times, it’s all too much – the batteries fail us.

Yet today, the one phone feature that seems to not hold its mark against the influx of new phone features is battery life.

What is Jevons Paradox?

Jevons paradox. It highlights the way that as technology develops, the quality of products improves yet, it increases the consumption rate of products. It defines the reason why battery life on our phones still quickly diminishes – as the technology in our phones develop, phone batteries become better, we use our phones more thereby, still depleting our phone of charge.


Current Battery Used

A poor battery life is the one problem today that still drives people up the wall. The current battery used in most smartphones today is the lithium ion (Li-ion). It holds decent battery power but cannot keep up with people’s phone usage. No smartphone manufacturer to date has been able to create a battery that delivers it all.


Future of Batteries

Whilst most phones barely last a day, there has been development into faster and more powerful phone batteries for the near future. Here are some of the highly innovative batteries of the future:


100% phone battery within 60 Seconds!
An aluminium graphite battery has been developed that is able to charge your smartphone within 60 seconds. It rivals that of the current Li-on batteries in our smartphone devices that still currently take at least an hour.


Salty Batteries?

Instead of using lithium, scientists are developing a sodium battery that uses salt. As salt is abundantly available around the world, it would reduce the costs of battery production and in turn, lower smartphone prices.



There is currently development in creating transparent solar panels over the screen of your phone. Yes, it means that whenever you have your phone out in the sunlight, it instantly charges.



It may be some time before these innovations are truly within the market. For now, the Jevons paradox still defines where we are at with technology now. We know that phone batteries will only become better as technology develops but it will only encourage us to use our phones more. Result? The need for even better phone batteries –  it will never stop.

Relying on the means to charge your phone the night before or stopping by a phone charging station is our current reality… for now at least.

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