Leveraging Your Brand with Chargebar

Leveraging your brand with Chargebar definitely has substantial advantages.


Chargebar has kept the phones of fellow Aussies charged since 2011 and has become Australia’s largest supplier of mobile phone charging stations.


Associating your brand with us allows your customers to associate Australia’s well-known charging solution with your business.


Equipped with the familiarity of our Chargebar brand, consumers hold the undeviating brand perception of quality. It provides consumers with instant recognition of Chargebar, carrying these positive attitudes and characteristics into your brand and venue.


Placing a branded Chargebar in your venue only shows the high value placed in good customer service. It communicates the value your brand holds with Chargebar –  putting customers first.


It’s using the power of our brand, Chargebar that will help create a large and meaningful impact on your business.


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