Looking for a new way to keep sponsors happy?

Event managers and experiential marketers have found a new way to keep sponsors and event attendees happy – to save them from that sinking feeling of low phone battery.

Chargebar is a unique service to keep visitors tweeting, talking and texting throughout an event. Sponsors love the new platform as it creates brand goodwill and rapport with clients and guests.

Will Sackville from Wingman Marketing has received great feedback about the chargebars at the International Vodafone Test Cricket 2012-13 series in Australia, where the service has been provided for the media and corporate hospitality spaces at each venue on the tour.

Vodafone has been stoked with the chargebars, and think they’re great way to look after their clients and guests. The media have been especially grateful due to their heavy reliance on smartphones for work demands and tight deadlines” said Mr Sackville.

Specifically designed for maximum presence at any event, chargebars come with a variety of ad formats including backlit poster screens and potential for full branding.

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