Meet Jasper, the new model around town

Ok so Jasper isn’t our new sexy intern, nor one of the three kings bearing frankincense this silly season – but he is giving the gift of a free charge to get smartphone users from red to green during this busy festival and events period.

Jasper is taking charge as head of the Chargebar family, leading his brothers Cooper and Carter to victory over dying phone batteries Australia wide.

The new charging kiosk features 16 charging cables spread across six phone slots and a specially designed lip to cater for up to four tablets. Additionally, the model allows the hirer strong branding potential, with two large A2 backlit posters and custom wrap options.

We’re really excited about Jasper. We believe it offers maximum exposure and presence at the event, ensuring high usage and exceptional communication of a brand’s message”, said Jonathon Tanner, Chargebar’s Managing Director.

Additionally, the modular Jasper frame has been designed to accommodate events all across Australia. With its removable base plate, Jasper now fits neatly into a snug travel case, reducing transportation costs by 50 – 75%.

Perhaps its best feature though is the price point – at just $695+gst to hire for a one to three day event, those who couldn’t afford a unit with a screen, or didn’t want branding, now have a great alternative. However, Jasper’s traditional brand packages are still available for an additional $800+gst.

Not only will it keep sponsors happy, but boost rapport with event goers as they are kept contently charged to text, tweet and Facebook about the day, resulting in increased brand awareness for all.

From the sounds of things at CeBit, Splendour In The Grass and the Melbourne Cup, Jasper seems like a pretty useful guy to have around!

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