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“My phone’s dead, I’m getting a quick recharge near the main stage” texted 21 year old Holly Palmer to her friend, at the 2012 Homebake music festival on Saturday.

Deezer, an online music streaming company set to rival Spotify, teamed up with Chargebar to provide charging stations that fuelled more than phones for some ‘festies’ – a few hearts were charged in the process.

UTS student Holly said she was initially anxious to get back to her friends, but got chatting to a guy who was also recharging. Initially bonding over their frustration with smartphone batteries, they eventually planned a date for the following weekend.

“I never thought having a dead battery would land me a hot date!” Holly said.

Long term Homebake fan James Wilkinson said the provision of a free phone charge was a welcome addition to festival services, explaining how the day could be easily ruined if your phone went flat and you couldn’t reach your mates.

“My phone goes flat at pretty much every festival I go to, so the chargers are a great idea – all festivals should have them.”

The charging stations, commonly referred to as ‘chargebars’, have become an immensely popular service with festival and event organisers due to huge consumer demand. They’re finally being seen as a ‘must have’ event service.

Richard Lipp from Deezer said the sponsors tent was full of visitors all day, encouraging a host of sign ups to his companies website.

“It was a great way for Deezer to connect with people. They got to find out more about us in a fun and stimulating environment” said Mr Lipp.

Jonathon Tanner, Chargebar’s Managing Director, said people have a need to be connected and never more so than at festivals.

“To have a flat phone battery can be an absolute nightmare and a horrible, sinking feeling. There’s even a name for it – nomophobia!”


About Chargebar

A ‘chargebar’ is a place where people can recharge their mobile phone or tablet battery for free. They are hired for events such as festivals and conferences or permanently installed in out-of-home locations such as airports, universities and bars. Each chargebar has 8 to 16 cables catering for virtually all mobile and tablet devices on the market and supplies a lightning fast charge. Chargebars are the next generation of customer service, serve as a highly effective tool to drive foot traffic and communicate a brand’s message to a captive audience.

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