Case Study: Mexican Food With Phone Charging @ Zambrero

Zambrero. Dedicated to its mission – serving healthy, modern Mexican food along with a commitment to help tackle world hunger, it’s not your everyday Mexican restaurant.

It’s contemporary restaurant look adorned with a menu board full of great choices, is aesthetically pleasing to any human eye. It is one of the most striking aspects in the venue – plastered on the wall is an LED sign, displaying the amount of meals donated – over 15 million meals to date to its Plate 4 Plate initiative. But that’s not all.

Before you enter, you’re greeted with a large green sticker on the restaurant’s door with the question “Low Battery?” in clear-cut boldness. Zambrero on Oxford St, Darlinghurst has now adopted our Devonshire Chargebar into their restaurant – phone charging discs equipped with cables to plug in your phone.  Its in-venue marketing is a clever way to drive customers into Zambrero.

You can spot these portable power banks on the counter right beside the till. It’s an easy way for customers to spot them as they pay for and grab their meal. It allows customers to able to charge their phone’s as they dine in. Its purpose? Increasing customer satisfaction and driving foot traffic – to name a few.

Even with its well-known humanitarian focus, Zambrero’s adoption of Chargebar’s Devonshire power banks, will only further enhance customer satisfaction at. In an age of smartphones, people are always on their phones out and about and what better way is there to attract customers?

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