Mobile Apps Hammering Your Battery

Mobile usage is on the rise, with mobile app usage taking the lead. There are mobile apps available to perform nearly all of your daily functions; from exercise and health trainers to instant travel agents. But what is this increase in app usage doing for our phone battery? Short answer, they are draining it.

A report from Flurry released earlier this year shows that mobile app usage is increasing by 6% year on year, with gaming and social networks taking the lion-share. The common question “Is there an app for that?” is now increasingly being answered with a ‘Yes!’, as many mobile innovations are released to market.

As a result however, phone batteries are draining faster then ever before. According to a report in Business Insider, apps are one of the major culprits for short battery life. Free mobile apps rated the worst as they are constantly using your cellular data and phone processor to download new ads. Similarly, apps that run in the background with notifications (such as weather apps, social-media apps, and gaming apps) use up constant battery as well.

The solution, we all love our apps, so it is hard to tell our consumers to uninstall them. While we can practise all of the common tips such as switching to flight mode or uninstalling apps you don’t use often, the key necessity here is more convenient charging solutions! The demand for charging services is only increasing, as our usage is on the rise.

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