Mobile users check phones 150 times a day

Recent research suggests many of us check our phones for text, email and social media updates before we even get out of bed – after waking up to the smartphone alarm, of course.

The report revealed nine out of ten survey participants check their smartphones as part of the morning ritual for getting ready for school or work.

For employers, this is meaningful because it demonstrates that the workforce of the future is more agile, more informed and more responsive than any previous generation – they live to connect and communicate” said the 2012 Cisco Connected World Technology Report.

Other research by esteemed blogger Tomi Ahonen suggests mobile users check their phones every six and half minutes, which is 150 times a day. We make, receive and avoid over 22 calls a day, send 23 texts and check the clock 18 times in an average 16 hour day. These figures are only based on mobile phones and not smartphones so you can imagine that figure has only increased substantially in the rise of smartphone adoption.

Guess what else we often check in that time? Yep, the battery.

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By Lauren Sinfield

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