New Chargebar location iPhone app set to charge into app stores.

Chargebar Media Company has just release their highly anticipated iPhone app, enabling from a device in your pocket an on-the-go search to for your nearest chargebar with only the touch of a finger.

The app will pinpoint Chargebar locations across Sydney with a direct link to Google Maps, giving directions to your nearest charging Station. Chargebars are located throughout the Sydney CBD and into Sydney’s suburbs, catering for 95% of mobile phone handsets currently on the market.

“The idea behind the iPhone App is to make it easier for people to charge their phones whilst they are out and about; finding a location at the touch of a button and recharging their phones when they need it most.” Said Jonathon Tanner, Chargebar’s Managing Director.

The app also features addresses and opening hours of each Chargebar-equipped establishment, as well as a feature enabling a local area search to discover nearest Chargebar locations.

“People value their phones more than their wallets – to have a flat phone battery can be disastrous, with your last battery power, we will be able to guide you to it!” Commented Tanner.

The App has been released in two forms – Premium and Standard. The premium app will be ad-free. Chargebar has planned something special, which results in the users not having to pay a cent to access the advertisement-free premium app.

Chargebar’s new and highly anticipated app will benefit to its users, helping locate the nearest charge, Advertisers, who are able to utilise space within the app to promote their brand, and the venues at which Chargebars are located, as the app will direct users into the venue and increase dwell time.

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