New York Saying Goodbye to the Pay Phone?

Is this the end of the pay phone in New York? Possibly the start of something really big?

In late July, New York city planned to convert the many thousands of pay phones into wireless access spots, sporting WiFi and charging to say the least. This is truly a move into the future and a change for the better, with dilapidated rarely used pay phones being turned into useful hotspots that are well and truly needed by those on the road.

There’s even talk of turning the payphones into free phone charging kiosks!

With both Google and Verizon expressing interest in backing this project (among about 60 others), this could become a reality in the near future.

The scale of this project is, putting it lightly, huge. There are said to be more than 7,000 pay phones in New York with approximately 20 or so booths that offer wireless internet access. This is large disparity with what is provided and what is actually in demand no doubt alarming so such a proposal is well over due in our opinion.

Current Mayor Bill de Blasio has plans to expand the project further with an expected revenue for the city of over $17 million. The kiosks are also set to offer phone services yet at the same time, move with the demand of the city.

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