Optus partners with Chargebar to launch their Football Federation Australia campaign

Marketing and media news giant mUmBRELLA have strengthened their digital partnership with Optus at the 2011 mUmBRELLA 360 conference through new media company Chargebar.

Held at the Hilton Hotel, mUmBRELLA 360 included keynotes from Australia’s most influential media and marketing executives, and an exhibition showcasing the industry’s most exciting and innovative companies.

mUmBRELLA offered sponsorship of three chargebars to extend Optus’ current Australian Football Federation Campaign. The chargebars were placed in the exhibition section of the event and gave delegates a chance to recharge their phones during breaks from seminars and guest speakers. With a heavy focus on mobile participation throughout the conference, the Optus chargebars were a huge success, recharging 372 devices over the two day period and were noticed by nearly all delegates.

Deputy Sales Director, Rebecca Downie, comments “mUmBRELLA360 invited our 700+ delegates to ‘tweet’ during the two day conference, as well as vote by SMS in our Battle of the Media, meaning mobile phone usage was particularly high during the event. The Optus Charge Bars provided a valuable service for delegates and gave us another revenue source via sponsorship with Optus.”

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