Organised Chaos – apps for organisers

We’ve done some research on organisational apps to help you get a hold of 2013. Here is our top 4:

1) iSurvey

This awesome app replaces the traditional clipboard and pen questionnaire. The app allows the user(s) to fill out surveys on their phones or tablets, which increases accuracy and provides real time results. There is a wide range of styling options available so you can survey offline and even insert your own brand image.

2) iLead

iLead is perfect for trade shows, and also useful for capturing leads anywhere, anytime. The app allows you to acquire leads, take notes, prioritise and follow up on possible customers. You can also analyse lead reports and back up data online.

3) Entry Manager

This app is designed to create and manage event guest lists. You are able to track invites, attendees, check in guests using a ticket scanner and analyse post-event attendance data. Entry Manager works both online and offline which is great when working in a pesky no-coverage venue (or when you have low phone battery, perhaps).

4) Pocket Informant

The all-in-one app fully integrates the Calendar, GTD Tasks and Contacts app for Android. Greater functionality has been added with the introduction of a Contacts view, allowing the user unrestricted access to the database from within the Pocket Informant. No more going in and out of apps to get what you need – its all in one, handy app.

By Lauren Sinfield

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