Our Top 5 Reasons Chargebars are a MUST for Bars

On an average night out we are heavily dependent on our phones. They call our Uber, top up our bank balance ready to buy the next round of drinks and capture the embarrassing moments on the dance floor.

Below are 5 of the top reasons you want a Chargebar in your late night venue.

  1. Extend Everyone’s nights

There’s nothing worse than having your battery die on a night out forcing you to cut short that nights frivolity. An extended stay means more drinks, chips and charged up vibes

  1. Phone Addiction

Its 2018, everyone is addicted to your phones. What on earth would happen if you didn’t have any phone battery? They would have to talk to each other? Yikes!

  1. Tagging

Everyone loves to snapchat, tag where they are or upload a cheeky Instagram of themselves on a late night out often tagging the venue in their posts. This is great for raising brand awareness of your venue as it means people can upload their venue experience.

  1. Drives extra guests

Think about it, we have all been outside a club or pub phone on critical battery trying to find a charger to recharge and power up their phone. With our maps feature telling people where the closes places to charge their phone are this attracts people like a magnet to these charging spots.

  1. Keep staff focused 💯

With a Chargebar on your corner staff now don’t have to worry about running around trying to find phone chargers they can focus on pouring drinks and bludging behind the bar!

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