Phone Charging in Hospitals – A Modern Necessity

Rushing out the door, last-minute, to get to the hospital, we have a lot on our minds. “What do I need to bring?”, “Is everything going to be alright?”, “Who do I need to call?”, and plenty more. In this moment of hurried panic, there’s one device we would never forget, our smartphone. We’d grab it, grab our keys, and head out straight away, there’s no time to waste. When we arrive, we’d take out our smartphone to make that all-important call to a friend or a loved one, and so often, the battery level would be at 3%. Barely enough for 1 call, and who knows how long we’d be at the hospital?

A phone charger is the single most commonly forgotten item by patients and visitors to a hospital, and with so much on their mind, who could blame them? Luckily, hospitals around Australia are beginning to embrace phone charging as a service, by simply placing a Chargebar on a wall.

The Sunshine Coast University Hospital is one such hospital, with well over a dozen Riley LED Chargebars installed throughout. Sonya Ackerman generously donated these mobile phone charging stations, in memory of her son James, in appreciation of the care hospitals give. Visitors and patients at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital no longer need to add a flat battery to their sources of anxiousness, and can keep family members, friends, and loved ones in the loop.

Chargebar has provided phone charging services to hospitals just like the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, all over Australia, in the form of a simple Riley on a floor stand, a Kippax sitting flat on a coffee table, or a Chargesafe mounted to the wall. It may seem like a small, compact service, but making that one phone call could mean the world to someone.

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