Phone Charging Stations Revolutionising Universities

In today’s age, students run out of phone battery faster than they can lose their pen.


The modern-day university lecture room today looks nothing like what it was just a mere decade ago. Nothing catches your eye as much as the vast array of devices in front of each student.


Technology – it’s Changing our Society

You’ve got the standard laptops, tablets and smartphones as well as their respective chargers and cables. And it’s true, the young adults of today – they’re really
multi-tasking. They somehow achieve the balance of texting on their phone with one hand, scrolling on their laptop with the other and well, kinda listening to the lecturer themselves.


Phone charging stations placed around campus are an essential way for technologically-savvy students of today to keep in touch not just socially, but academically as well.


Keeping Connected

Whether being placed at the university’s libraries, food courts, hallways or student centres, it is developing to be a vital source for students to keep connected. Students are dependent on their phones to check emails, texts, assignment submissions, have group meetings or catch up with friends.


The Library of Today

Universities libraries – the hub for students to study individually, have group meetings or just there to catch a break from life. It’s a common sight in these libraries to see students walking around aimlessly with a laptop charger in one hand, staring down walls in need of a power outlet.


It’s indeed a war for power outlets in the library. Having a phone charging station in the library itself help free up power outlets for other laptop users whilst charging multiple phones at the same time.


Safety on Campus

Studies have revealed that students found having their phones with them increases the feelings of safety and security. It’s just the easiest, simple way to access help in case of an emergency. Having a mobile phone charging station increases students’ feelings of safety, decreasing their fear of a depleting battery.


Being at the Forefront of Technology

The need for power will only increase as students rely on their smartphones as learning tools more and more. It’s clearly revolutionising our classrooms today, keeping phones charged and students connected and content.


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