Prescription for Google Glasses

Google’s wearable  eyewear Glass is coming to people who need prescriptions to correct their vision.

Google has unveiled a partnership with US vision insurer VSP to make prescriptionGlass.

The new frames will sell for $225, and in some cases users can get reimbursed under their health plan, at least in the US.

Glass connects to the Internet using Wi-Fi hotspots or, more typically, by wirelessly piggy-backing to the user’s mobile phones.


Samsung may launch a competitor to Google Glass during the IFA trade show in Berlin in September this year. The device, named Galaxy Glass,  will most likely connect to your smartphone, display call alerts and allow the user to listen to music.

Our question: how will people recharge their wearable devices? Sounds like phone charging stations are about to become even more important.

Source: The Australian

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