Promoting your Business Through Phone Charging Stations

Ever started the day and looked at your phone with its mere ‘10% battery left’ notification popping up on your screen like it’s announcing your untimely death in a few hours? Having a depleting phone battery that doesn’t last the entire day you’re out is an issue everybody in this day and age can relate to. It’s universal.

Offering a phone charging service at the local store, venue or event increases customer satisfaction to through merely providing the basic essential phone charging. As customers stand by phone charging stations waiting for their phones to charge. It further makes an effective means for brand recognition. Customers are able to associate the company with the gratification they have of being provided with phone charging services.


But power banks are at such a popularity right now. Why not use those as branded marketing products?

It is always difficult to rely on tech products, especially promotional ones where products are bought in bulk for relatively cheap prices. How would customers feel if they received a portable charger that stopped working after two uses? Distributing poor quality products will only give a bad first impression and overall image for the company. Providing phone charging services only ensures quality and reliability.

It has also been found that customers tend to stay longer in venues for their phones to charge. Spending more time in venues goes hand in hand with customers tending to purchase more during their time spent there. Not only this, but it reduces perceived wait times customers have in a venue.


Is this the way of the future? Would this allow your business to stand out amongst its competitors?

Giving out the standard free t-shirt, pen or mug with the company’s logo is not really considered a need. We’ve all been given free products that are emblazoned with a company’s logo. Highly useful ones are used every day whilst the lesser thought out products usually end forgotten and in the trash.


What can we conclude?

With today’s ever-changing society, these promotional products may no longer be as valuable as that of the need and desire to getting your depleting phone battery charged. Providing something thoughtful such as that of phone charging will make a person’s day brighter and leave a good impression of the company.

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